One Eighth


The end of play last week. One eighth completed. 53 letters carved.


The Edge of the World


Cape Wrath from Balnakeil beach, Durness.

We Visited family on the north coast of Scotland for a long weekend. You feel like your at the edge of the world up there. The beaches are stunning, backdropped with mountains, and the landscape feels like the ice sheet retreated only yesterday, littering the views with morains. The Navy and Air Force use the little island in the photo for bombing practice, and Cape Wrath is aptly named, either battered by the North sea or the military. Some of the oldest rocks in the world live here, Lewisian Gneisses and Moines, the area is a Geo-park Рa playground for geologists. When you work with stone you acquire  a working interest in rocks, but these are not stones I come across in my carving life. My geology is pretty sketchy, but I enjoy dipping into the subject. The wilderness is not far away here. It is rich in wildlife and weather. It is hard to get to, but once your here It is a great place for taking pictures.

Culture and Nature in Cornwall

I always really enjoy this building, the Tate gallery in St Ives,

We Had a fantastic holiday in Cornwall last week. I love the holiday ingredients there – The wild Atlantic ocean, the ragged landscape, the quality of light that has made it prime location for painters. I always like going to the Tate, although I wasn’t grabbed by the current show,¬† Alex Katz. I did enjoy a big calligraphic painting by the American abstract expressionist Franz Kline, and a large Howard Hodgkin chosen by Katz with other work from the Tate’s collection to compliment his own work. Other holiday highlights included body boarding with Summer, Kynance Cove – probably one of the most beautiful beaches I know, discovering Kestle Barton, a wonderful rural arts centre hidden away near the Helston estuary and the Eden Project, always an inspiring place to visit. This time we saw an amazing contemporary circus event by No Fit State called Bianco – Time for Beauty. Strange, spectacular, funny, daring. A wonder-full reinvention of the circus form, that unfolded amongst the audience, and above our heads. We were shepherded around the auditorium and gathered around the performers as they did there thing. Extraordinary stuff.

I am back at the stone-face this week and nearly ready to carve.