Five eighths and a bit

Now well over half way, it feels like completion is within grasp. 20 letters a day is the pace it dictates. It doesn’t want to go any faster. Fortunately 20 letters a day is fast enough to remain on schedule.

Now well over half way.


2 thoughts on “Five eighths and a bit

  1. Cheers mate. I would like to make some typefaces. Its hard to see how to make it pay though. I think most typographers work to commission making distinctive faces for businesses, rather than working speculatively. I’d be interested in hearing your take on the business of typography though from a designers perspective. I’m going to do a little series of design notes for these letters, but its worth saying that there’s not much specific Trajan influence in these forms, beyond them being Roman caps. What I have taken from the Trajan alphabet is in the A’s and M’s. The way that the leading stems dont have internal serifs. I like the way that that detail helps these letters to march forward.
    It’d be great if we could share links. I will put ASBO on the blogrole

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