Stone Festival – Day 1

I’ve had an excellent day at the Bristol Festival of stone today. It really is a wonderfully event, with a great vibe. Around 50 carvers in the competition and a bunch of exhibition carvers. There is a good French contingent looking cool and French. They were playing some great French HipHop early on in the day; the sonic energy mingling with the sound of steel on stone. There has been plenty of live music too, helping to create a great festival atmosphere. There is a good spirit amongst the carves, sharing information on stone and resources, and carving experiences. It’s hard to say at this early stage, but I think I’m on track with my carving. I’ve carved half of the “vessel” which will contain the word “Kainos”. Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures because I left my camera at home. It was in the bag with my cards and publicity stuff, at home. Doh! So, I will post some pictures tomorrow. I hope to finish the vessel and sketch out the letters tomorrow. Will I keep on target? Tune in to find out!


2 thoughts on “Stone Festival – Day 1

  1. …emienne de crecy? Daft punk? Air? Or something a little less main stream? Very cool indeed. Like your carving, no doubt!!

  2. Really obscure stuff I never heard before – Fat beats, accordians, horns, some really dubby stuff. The French contingent give the whole event a continental flavour. Very coooool.

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