Stone Festival Day 3

A more subdued atmosphere at the Stone Festival today. The mood was workman like as carvers focused on getting their sculptures somewhere close to finished. It’s a short day tomorrow as we have until lunchtime to get our work done so everyone was really on it today. Not much music either – someone said that the French Contingent had had a “heavy” night and were nursing hangovers! I suddenly became aware, half way through the day though, of the “music of the chisel” ringing around the site. I had a slightly frantic afternoon relieving all my letters and trying to resolve them enough so that i didn’t leave myself too much to do tomorrow. I think I’ve done enough. Here are the pics…

The least resolved side.

The least resolved side.

IMG_1622 IMG_1624


1 thought on “Stone Festival Day 3

  1. Wow, that is starting to look really really nice Iain!! Lovely to be following you this way, so up close and yet so far away! Good luck tomorrow!!

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