Sailing Stones at the Street Road Project Space

There is still time to see this exhibition which I have contributed to at the Street Road Project Space, USA, which closes on the 31st October.  I worked on a project earlier in the year with the Japanese artist Kaori Homma called the Meridian Stone Project, which is being shown as part of “Sailing Stones”.

Kaori Says about the project:
“This project is an extension of Homma Meridian Projects an ongoing work which re-sites the Greenwich Prime Meridian in different locations around the globe, invoking the power-centered nature of demarcated boundaries and space. Homma’s Meridian Stone Project is an ongoing collaborative work: a stone taken from Street Road, and carved with the longitudinal coordinates 0º0’0’’ is mailed from artist to artist.
The result of artists’ contemplation will be seen as an installation as a part of inaugural exhibition at the Annex Barn at Street Road Project Space, USA.”

The Meridian Stones have traveled to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hungary, Ivory Coast, UK, USA, Taiwan and  New Zealand, and are still going to places handed from artists to artists around the world.
To find out more check out:

My contribution was to carve the longitude coordinates 0º 0’ 0’’on the stone and to take a photograph and write a text to accompany my image.

Meridian Stone
I was thinking about scale and placement. Where is this stone’s prime meridian? What are the right coordinates for these zero’s? How big should their footprint be? I was thinking about ellipses within ellipses, and figure/ground relationships, and little upside down right angled triangles connecting time and space. I was thinking about the clockwise and counter clockwise orbits of 3 mm of sharp tungsten. The rhythm of hammer on chisel. Breathing and being precise. I was thinking about hours, minutes and seconds. Not thinking about the time but remembering to count it. Carving time from my other deadline.



Garden sculpture


Spring is springing and the Easter holiday is nearly here – It is the season when people’s thoughts turn to their gardens. I am having a little publicity push on Garden sculpture commissions. I have been working on headstones all winter and although I like making memorials, as the sun begins to warm the earth, I feel the need to make some celebratory work. As we approach Good Friday, I reflect that my work through the winter has been focused on the theme of death. Easter Sunday is nearly here and I am looking forward to making some work which celebrates life.

If you would like to commission a sculpture or inscriptional art work for you garden please get in touch.


Sculpture in the Orchard at Glastonbury Abbey

I have three pieces in a really beautiful exhibition at Glastonbury Abbey running from now until the 28th September. You can see Journey stones, Us and Q, along with sculpture by 28 other artists scattered throughout the orchard, amongst tall grasses, wild flowers, mown paths and resplendent apple trees. The ruined Abbey is spectacular too.



Review of 2013

Happy new year! I have uploaded a bunch of images from last years projects on to my Flickr site as a kind of visual review of the year. You can see them here.After a slow start it turned out to be a good year. No major commissions this year but plenty of satisfying smaller projects. A big thank you to all my clients for their commissions. Without them the show wouldn’t still be on the road! There were opportunities to make sculpture too. Most notably finishing “Journey Stones” for the Fresh Air exhibition at Quennington in the Cotswolds, and carving a couple of very 3D word sculptures for the Bath Society of Artists Annual Exhibition. Perhaps the best highlight was taking part in the Festival of Stone at the harbour front in Bristol in June. A really well organised event. It was great to be surrounded by people who talked “stone language”.

Carving "Kainos" at the Ferstival of Stone

Carving “Kainos” at the Ferstival of Stone