Riding with Sir Chris Hoy.

I went to an event today at the Odd Down Cycling Circuit. Sir Chris Hoy was riding circuits with kids from local schools and joe public. You could just turn up and ride with Sir Chris, so I did. Along with 500 others. I rode behind him for a way but didn’t get to pull up along side for a chat. I’m not good at thinking of things to say to the famous, so it was probably for the best. It was my first visit to the Odd Down circuit, which really is very good. And the tarmac is beautiful!


The Hoy Roadshow


Look – one handed


Amos Roadclub

Well, what an excellent adventure. All the ingredients were there for a majestic bicycling experience. Sunshine, great routes courtesy of a nation that has fully embraced the bicycle, the wonderful company of Amos supporters with their passion for justice, and the nourishment of fine Belgium beers! A big thank you to everyone who supported the trip with a contribution to Amos, or in spirit. I have uploaded my pictures to Flickr  

And you can enjoy a full report of the action at AmosroadclubIMG_1558

The Road Calls


This weekend I shall be off on what has become my annual cycling adventure with the Amos Trust Roadclub. This year we will be riding from Calais, to Bruges. Around 300km  in 3 days. We will be riding in the tyre tracks of cycling’s great riders but at a fraction of their speed, taking in a few cobbled sections made famous in the classic spring races such as Paris-Roubaix. This is all about having a great time and spending time with others who love the bike and support the work of Amos trust.. It is also an opportunity to raise a bit of cash to support the great work Amos does, campaigning for and supporting some of the most marginalised people on the planet. I have set up a Just giving page here –  to collect donations. It would be really brilliant if you could give even just a small donation. Every bit helps. I am paying all my expenses, so anything you can give will go directly to Amos.  You can check out some of the great projects Amos are involved in here
The road calls!