Review of 2013

Happy new year! I have uploaded a bunch of images from last years projects on to my Flickr site as a kind of visual review of the year. You can see them here.After a slow start it turned out to be a good year. No major commissions this year but plenty of satisfying smaller projects. A big thank you to all my clients for their commissions. Without them the show wouldn’t still be on the road! There were opportunities to make sculpture too. Most notably finishing “Journey Stones” for the Fresh Air exhibition at Quennington in the Cotswolds, and carving a couple of very 3D word sculptures for the Bath Society of Artists Annual Exhibition. Perhaps the best highlight was taking part in the Festival of Stone at the harbour front in Bristol in June. A really well organised event. It was great to be surrounded by people who talked “stone language”.

Carving "Kainos" at the Ferstival of Stone

Carving “Kainos” at the Ferstival of Stone


Stone Festival Day 4

Well, all finished! It’s been a completely amazing event. Wonderfully organized, and great cameraderie amongst the carvers. I didn’t win anything, but that is no surprise. I think my thing was a bit too left field for most people!
Got to dash so here is a pic of my finished thing. will post some more on the event when I can.


Stone Festival Day 3

A more subdued atmosphere at the Stone Festival today. The mood was workman like as carvers focused on getting their sculptures somewhere close to finished. It’s a short day tomorrow as we have until lunchtime to get our work done so everyone was really on it today. Not much music either – someone said that the French Contingent had had a “heavy” night and were nursing hangovers! I suddenly became aware, half way through the day though, of the “music of the chisel” ringing around the site. I had a slightly frantic afternoon relieving all my letters and trying to resolve them enough so that i didn’t leave myself too much to do tomorrow. I think I’ve done enough. Here are the pics…

The least resolved side.

The least resolved side.

IMG_1622 IMG_1624

Stone Festival – Day 2

Another great day at the stone festival. It felt like I had to work hard to hit my target though.It currently looks like i have spent 2 days making a very large egg! Hopefully tomorrow should see it transformed with the addition of the lettering. I am really excited to see how this one’s going to work. There continues to be a great vibe at the festival. Even more carvers today as the 3 day comp carvers arrived and made a start. There is so much energy here in the work, and sounds of carving mingled with music. We have become a whole village of carvers.

At the start of play today.

At the start of play today.

At the close of play today.

At the close of play today.

Stone Festival – Day 1

I’ve had an excellent day at the Bristol Festival of stone today. It really is a wonderfully event, with a great vibe. Around 50 carvers in the competition and a bunch of exhibition carvers. There is a good French contingent looking cool and French. They were playing some great French HipHop early on in the day; the sonic energy mingling with the sound of steel on stone. There has been plenty of live music too, helping to create a great festival atmosphere. There is a good spirit amongst the carves, sharing information on stone and resources, and carving experiences. It’s hard to say at this early stage, but I think I’m on track with my carving. I’ve carved half of the “vessel” which will contain the word “Kainos”. Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures because I left my camera at home. It was in the bag with my cards and publicity stuff, at home. Doh! So, I will post some pictures tomorrow. I hope to finish the vessel and sketch out the letters tomorrow. Will I keep on target? Tune in to find out!

Bristol Festival of Stone

I make a start at the Bristol Festival of Stone tomorrow. I shall be carving a word sculpture using the Greek word Kainos. There are two Greek words for new. Neos means chronologically more recent. Kainos means a new kind of thing in the world. Qualitatively new, fresh and innovative. It has biblical resonances of redemption and of the world being renewed. I will let you know how I get on and keep you posted with some pics as the work develops.Kainos_1